the evolution of a fashion love.

By now, most people who know me know about my love for fashion. Whether it be from the pink tights I’m sporting one day, the constant ooh-ing and ahh-ing I make while window shopping, or the fact that I’m telling you this right now, I’ve made my love for all things fashion pretty clear. I wasn’t always this way though. In fact, there was a period (albeit short period, thank the Lord!) where I actually couldn’t give a rat’s patooty about what was in style, and what was not “on-trend”. There were some weeks where I would actually wear the same white turtleneck and red sweat pants EVERY day. Not kidding. The chastising alone that ensued from my brother and sister should have knocked some sense into my pig-headed 10 year old brain, but alas, the sweatpants remained on, and the torment was ignored.

Middle school came and all of a sudden the sweatpants stayed in the drawer. I’m not sure if it was being in a new school, or the fact that boys were now a larger influence in my life, but somehow the pants knew they were no longer a part of my everyday life, and thus resigned themselves to a quiet life in my “sweats” drawer. Tights and skorts (yes, I wore skorts a LOT) became the norm. My fashion influences were now drawn off of the likes of Nancy Drew and MaryAnne from the epic Babysitter’s Club series. White button-up collared shirts replaced the turtlenecks. Bows and headbands replaced the errant ponytails. Knee-high socks and keds replaced the sneakers. I was becoming my own version of a Catholic school girl…minus the Catholic part….and the inference of being slutty. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I was still a “jock” in middle school. However, being a girl athlete at that age simply meant you wore bows in your ponytails and colorful socks with your soccer cleats. I began to bring fashion to my sport. Instead of throwing on any old t-shirt and shorts to attend club soccer practice after school, outfits were carefully meticulated to show off my skill in matching colors. Colorful clips and barrettes were added for a little bit of “flair”. Soccer became more than the sport.

I spread my fashion wings even further in high school and began to experiment even more with clothes. Because I lived in the same town my entire young adult life, I had already established myself with a “group”, and thus, going into high school, was spared the need to “find myself” in a niche of friends. That left plenty of time for other things, one of those being shopping. Since I had outgrown my skorts, I moved on to skirts (thanks growth spurt!!). However, I no longer looked like a prep school girl Monday through Friday. Instead, I started mixing prep with punk, girly with ghetto. My look evolved faster than some of my male friends changed their briefs (let’s face it…high school guys have NO hygiene!).

Fashion became fun, and I loved finding new ways to show off my personality. On days that I felt confident, I would wear a pencil skirt, button-down, and a tie that was snagged from my brother’s closet. On days when I felt playful, I would dress up in a sundress and accentuate the look with my grandmother’s pearls. Style became a way for me to express my emotions. It became a way for people to see me how I wanted to be seen. It was a tool in which I could control my surroundings. It was also the start of a budding passion. You see, when I finally went off to college on a soccer scholarship, my life became even more involved in athletics. Soccer at a Division One school is not a club, it’s a life. Almost every waking hour that wasn’t spent in class was spent at the field, or in the weight room. Sweatpants became the norm again, and my shoe of choice (not MY choice) was a pair of worn in adidas cleats. Each day I would dress the EXACT same way as 20 other girls, right down to the underwear. I no longer had an identity outside of soccer.

I think because of this new lifestyle I was living, I began to turn to reading about fashion, window shopping, and spending whatever time I had day dreaming about what I WOULD wear once I changed out of my red, black and white uniform sweats. My passion for fashion began to grow almost out of a desperate need to feel like an individual again.

After an extremely long period of time being lazy and wearing sweats to class each day, I had a realization. I was becoming my former 10 year old self, only gone were the turtlenecks and in their place were dri-fit tees and expensive adidas shorts. I realized that the only way to get my passion back was to start LIVING it. I needed to change (literally)!

The next day, I wore a dress and heels to class. And I never looked back.

Since college, my style sense has slowly matured and been fine tuned to encompass more of who I am. Granted, I still LOVE many types of style, but now, I’m not as schizophrenic as I was in the past. I don’t have drastic changes in wardrobe. I don’t jump from one trend to the next. I’m calmer, I’m cooler, I’m more collected. My style now is more of a mix of bohemian meets modern chic. I love flowly prints, flowers in my hair, and long feather earrings, but I also love the chic-ness of an all black ensemble. In the designer world, I would go back and forth between Cavalli and Chanel. Sigh. 🙂

Now, shopping is cathartic. It’s exciting. I love to unwind on the weekend strolling around a mall, glancing in the windows at the displays. At work, I spend my lunch hour browsing sites on the Internet, scouring the web looking at boutiques all over the world, reading articles out of my favorite online magazines, purusing blogs dedicated to style. Every weekend you’ll find me at Barnes and Noble, venti coffee light frappuccino in hand, a stack of magazines in the other, feverishly eyeing the latest wears from Prada, YSL, and Dolce. Where, for some people, the latest news on the Cowboys gets their blood going, for me, it’s seeing the latest collection from Louboutin. Some might consider me vain, but let me ask you this, how is my passion worse than a man’s passion for football? ’nuff said….. 🙂


hearts and hugs,




  1. Great blog! I just started in January too, and am loving exploring the blog world! You have a great writing style, I look forward to reading more!

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