whatever happened to predictability?

Growing up, my family did not watch a lot of television. Most of the time we were so busy with extracurricular activities that there really wasn’t a whole lot of time to sit and watch an entire show. Also, we didn’t have cable. In fact, the only channels we received were 4, 5, 8, 11, 13, 21, 27, and 33 on a good day 🙂

On the nights that my family would sit down to watch a show, we loved to tune into the greats: The Cosby Show, Home Improvement, Full House, and Saved By the Bell. The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Bewitched were another couple of my favorites.

the huxtable clan 🙂

These shows were classics then, and will continue to remain classics now, due to their ability to touch on so many walks of life. Nowadays, t.v is so infused with sex and “reality”, that much of what was talked about in the older shows has been overshadowed by the constant barage of scandal that is so prominent in today’s shows. I do have to give credit to the networks for trying to bring back some of the old values to today’s shows. For instance, the hit series “Modern Family” is a great example of how family can be fun! Phil and Claire Dunphy provide an awesome example of how parenting really is: messy, crazy, and just plain weird sometimes. Other shows, like How I Met Your Mother, touch on the drama and hilarity of living and “doing life with” your best friends, much like Saved By the Bell once did. Of course, sex is much more prominent in HIMYM than it was in Saved By the Bell, where it was really only talked about in Sex Ed class at Bayside High.

I learned a lot from the shows of the past. I learned that family values are key to keeping a well-rounded home. I learned that having tough discussions with your kids is always best for their growth (especially when thoughtful music is playing in the background…*cough* Full House). I learned that friendships are important, and loyalty is necessary in building a relationship, even if your name is Screech. I learned that it is good to have community, and that your next door neighbor is a great person to go to for advice. I learned that even if you were a poor kid from the hood, you could still find yourself while living amongst the rich and famous of Bel Air. 🙂

To show you a contrast from the shows of the past, here are some things I’ve learned from t.v today:

If you can’t find love in real life, date a multitude of women/men at the same time on air, because apparently being in front of a camera really brings out the best in people.

If your name is Snooki, or “The Situation”, this qualifies you for giving relationship advice.

You can get your own t.v show by having one (or all) of these qualities:

– you were once a drug addict

– you were once fat

– you were once a child star

– you have lots of money, and even more time on your hands

– your name is Snooki, or “The Situation”.

Do you see any differences in these two eras of television?

If not, then maybe your name really IS Snooki….or “The Situation”.

lil ms. "poof"


hearts and hugs,




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