little did you know….

A while back, I initiated a series of emails detailing personality traits with my roommates in order to get to know them a bit better. I am one of those people who loves the little things about a person. When you first get to know someone, usually you just find out the BIG things about them: where they live, where they work, relationship status, etc. However, it’s when you really start to get to know them that the little quirks come out. In my opinion, these small idiosyncrasies are what really makes up a person. Most people I’m acquainted with know the main bullet points of my life: where I live, where I work, what I do. Not a lot of people know the minor details…and I think those are the best part about me! So, in order to bridge that gap between acquaintance and friend, I’m offering up some of my “quirks” for you….enjoy 🙂

1. I have a fear of wet paper products

2. I broke my sister’s arm by pushing her off the playhouse roof when we were little.

3. I once thought you could get pregnant by kissing (I was like 6…okay??)

4.  I have a very real fear of heaven (as in, I get really freaked out at the thought of ETERNITY, like upset stomach freaked out. I know, horrible right?)

5.  I once answered the phone, found out who it was, and then pretended to be the answering machine…just so I wouldn’t have to talk to that person.

6. I made up a class in high school, and got away with it for 6 wks before the principal found out. (there were 4 of us in the class…we called it European History Independent Study. It was the Bomb dot com)

7. For 2 weeks my senior year of high school a group of us rode our bikes to school in full out spandex gear, and wore it to class as well. We were saving the environment. Yup.

8. I’ve been sent to the principal’s office. Multiple times. Elementary school, middle school, AND high school.

9. In second grade I won 2nd place in an invention convention for my creation: the Iron-aid. (it was a hooking device used so you could hang your laundry after you ironed it).

10. I have a fascination with prisons and cemeteries.

11. Because of my surgeries, my nose randomly runs and I still can’t feel part of my face. It’s just pins and needles.

more to come!!

hearts and hugs,




  1. Missi stovall says:

    You are simply AMAZING! I must find out more!

  2. Boo, I hate to break it to you, but you can still get pregnant by kissing. You’d know that if you learned something in school instead of spending so much time in the principal’s office. Just sayin’.

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