Love and other hugs.

Today is Valentine’s Day, V-day, Single Awareness Day. Whatever moniker you choose to give this day, one thing remains the same: there will be bitter people skulking the streets at some point today! Now, as a single woman myself, I am not immune to the grandiose display of coupledom that surrounds this day. I too see the Zales commercials, the abundance of Eharmony and ads, all the “kissing” that begins with Kay….it’s not hard to miss the giant Cupid dolls (aka that creepy baby that carries a loaded weapon…yeah, let’s get real people and call a spade a spade!) that hang in every display at your local grocery. However, rather than join the rest of my single ladies (and men) in cursing the day our coupled friends were born, I’m choosing to see this day as rather, just another chance for me to wear my favorite color PINK and pass out little heart candies to all my co-workers. I mean, a day that delights in chocolate should make most women swoon! C’mon ladies, let’s get off our high horses and remember that today isn’t the ONLY day we are single….we were single yesterday, and we’ll probably be single tomorrow… give little ol’ February 14th a break, and lay off the love lashing…at least for a day or so!

This is what I call TOUGH love 🙂

hearts and hugs,



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