your (travel) love is MY drug

Good morning lovelies…. This week has me thinking about creation, specifically earthly creations (land, trees, water, etc). I’m assuming these thoughts are being stirred by the study of Genesis I am currently going through, but I’m not going to question it! I’ve felt the pull recently to really consider the earth, to consider its inhabitants, the creatures and creations that make it what it is. The earth is a truly marvelous being. I have been blessed with the joy of getting to see vast expanses of it, and hope to live out this blessing until my eyes no longer see, or until the Lord takes me home. What struck me this week, though, was the disappointing notion that I haven’t really SEEN things. Granted, when I travel, I am amazed by the things I see, but when I look at them, am I truly seeing the INTRICACIES, the delicate details that make up that particular object or being? Ever since I came back from Rome, I have been torn by this feeling that I only half-observed the land, the people, the HISTORY. I was so caught up in the uncomfortable heat that seemed to smother me like an unwanted blanket, that my mind was overcome by a sleepy apathy to what surrounded me. I stood at the Coliseum, a magnificent testimony to man’s cruel brilliance, and instead of soaking up the importance of the cobblestones I stood on, my mind was distracted by the smothering sun that poured through the open forum. I shaded my eyes against the harsh light, and at the same time, shaded them from the full view of where I stood. I feel as if I missed the essence of Rome. It passed by me like a slight breeze on such a humid, stale day.

the glorious colosseum

 I’ve travelled in all types of weather. I’ve braved rain showers in London, snow storms in Vienna, impossible heat in Greece, gales of wind in Mexico. I consider myself a seasoned (pun intended) traveler. However, that comfort in travel has begun to dull my senses. On my first trip to Europe in 2004, my senses were heightened to every tiny detail around me. Even the plane ride over was “magical”. Airport coffee tasted different, the hotels were entrancing, every cab ride I plastered myself to the window for fear of missing out on my surroundings, I had to touch everything. My handprints (and sometimes face prints) were everywhere. I wanted to be a part of everything I saw, heard, tasted, smelled.

Travelling was a drug, and I was a new addict. Now, the effects of the drug are starting to wear off. Plane rides are annoying, or too long. Airport security causes me to curse under my breath (or out loud). Hotels are small, cab rides are smelly. What happened? Where did this jaded girl come from? I long to return to the innocent, wide-eyed passion I once possessed. I VOW to return there, because if I continue down this jaded path, I will miss out on the beauty that the Lord created. I will forget about WHY I travel. I will lose such a large part of who I AM.

germany 2007....this is me on the drug called travel

I am a woman who loves to travel, who loves to immerse herself in another culture, to feel what the natives feel, to live as they live. I am a woman who desires to communicate with people who speak differently than she, who look and dress differently.

 Travelling is a part of my soul, it is in the rhythm of my heartbeat and it flows out of my mouth like a breath of air. It is a definition of love in my book.

 So I am thankful for travel today. I am thankful for the sights I HAVE seen, and will see. I am thankful for the Lord’s provisions, and for His creation. I am thankful for every city, every country, and every town on this beautiful earth. I am thankful that they are all different, and yet when put together, the picture they create is beyond words.

 What are YOU thankful for?

hearts and hugs,




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