Not-so bittersweet memories…

In an effort to preserve some of the sweet , bittersweet, and just plain bitter moments (although, I’m not sure I want to preserve THOSE!), I will be dedicating many posts to reliving the hey days, revamping old styles, and revisiting old stomping grounds….Personally, I love stories. I’ve always been an avid reader, ever since I was little I can recall many a trip to the library with my mom. Book fairs? Oh yeah, THOSE were the best….while some kids were given money to pick out a new doll or action figure, I took those few dollars, stashed them in my homemade clear plastic wallet, and dreamt about finding the latest Babysitter’s Club book to add to my series. Now….where was I? Oh yes, stories….

 I think everyone, and everything has a story to tell, and it’s very important that we try to maintain the integrity of these stories by continuing to share them. It saddens me to think that much of my family’s past will die when my grandparents do. Now, I know my family has done a decent job of collecting photos, stories, memorabilia, etc of our ancestors, but in reality, the mosaic that is our family history will be without quite a few tiles, despite the best efforts of my parents / grandparents in keeping track of our timeline. So, what do we do? Do we just throw our hands up, toss in the towel, and say, “well, we tried…” as the picture of our family life grows smaller and smaller with each generation? I don’t think so. I think we continue to build on what we have; knowing that each piece we add to our pile only ENHANCES the beauty of our Family Portrait. Each story you hear, each picture you find, each old t-shirt from college that Dad or Mom passes down, those things are what continue to stabilize our history. They bring new life to our past.

 In light of all of this, I encourage you to take a step back and relive some old memories….talk to your family, take a look at old photos….Don’t think about it in the sense of “getting stuck in the past”. Think about it instead as “Taking a step back to look towards the future”.

 As I get older, and as my possessions change, accumulate, etc. I begin to think about what I want my children to find, and what I want to preserve for future generations….it’s an interesting way to look at your “stuff”. What do you want to keep? What would you give YOUR daughter, or son? What kinds of stories would you tell them?

hearts and hugs,




  1. michelle davis says:

    i love you xo

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